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I did not want to go to The Apes CD release party.   I particularly did not want to stay after I heard opening act Kid Congo Powers.  But The Apes really did blow me away.  In due time, let’s start at the beginning. Food for Animals was the first act, and came on stage […]

Damn, it was hard to pick just one place to be Friday night. There was Justin Jones and the Driving Rain with Junior League at the Rock and Roll Hotel, Benevento Russo Duo opening for Cornelius at the Nightclub 930, and Buffalo Tom with Revival at The Black Cat. I know, I know. Now’s the […]

Though I’ve heard “love ‘em or hate ‘em” reviews of Ween by critics and real people alike, the only response by a voyeur after a live show has been “FUCKING AWESOME!WOO!!!!” The Wednesday evening show at Constitution Hall will have no shortage of people screaming its praises, but you might have to ask the person […]

Making a cover of a song is a very delicate art, and as such, must be approached very carefully. One has to keep authentic what the artist’s main aim was with the song, including style, tone and voicing, but can’t just play the song themselves the exact same way. It has to be different to […]

Whatsup, whatsup? Welcome to the blog here, thanks for stopping by. The birth of a blog is a beautiful thing, placenta dripping all over the place, babies giggling, off in the distance a musician gets his guitar strings. Alright, that’s all just lame, but thanks for stopping by, for real. We’ll be putting some good […]