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I’m not sure if you know this… but Gypsy Eyes is popping up all over the place. They are overseas, present seas, and it’s rumored will soon be intergalactic in coming months. Stay tuned for dates on Mars. Upcoming shows you need to be at in no particular order: JUNE 8TH – Vandaveer is taking […]

I did not want to go to The Apes CD release party.   I particularly did not want to stay after I heard opening act Kid Congo Powers.  But The Apes really did blow me away.  In due time, let’s start at the beginning. Food for Animals was the first act, and came on stage […]

And Bonnaroo was doing SO well.  At least from the sounds of it.  This year’s Bannaroo headliner is Pearl Jam?  And Metallica?  I can kind of get Pearl Jam despite being years out of their prime, them releasing an album in the past 2 years and all.  But Metallica?  They’ve gone on record as saying […]

What the fuck is a listening party anyway? I always thought it was just a bunch of kids smoking l’s, sitting around a record player with a new vinyl, eating cheetos and geeking out. Apparently, I’m an idiot. Last night’s listening party for Shortstack’s The Covers EP showed me on what I’d been missing out. […]

The Fort Knox Five have been rocking their new residency at the Eyecandy Sound Lounge at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas. They’ve also brought many special guests to the club including Afrika Bambaata, Killa Kela and now for the second time DJ Craze. The last time Craze was in town, he completely destroyed […]