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Day 2 is what my partner in crime called Concert Day. This was our day that we actually enjoy as many shows as possible being the perfect balance between being not drunk enough and black out wasted. The day started with Does it Offend You, Yeah? as I’ve heard oh so much about them. Once […]

Had I not won tickets to the lollapalooza festival in Chicago, I would not have been in attendance, but as it stands I not only got tickets, but I got free entry to the highly exclusive Lolla Lounge. Free beer (bud/budlight, though who am i to complain about free beer, let alone free anything), free […]

It was either that headline or “Don’t See IronMan Less High Than You Would Go To See Harold and Kumar.” Comic book movies are clearly become more widespread. Every other day you hear about a new comic book movie coming out, and without exception, each is either an amazing display of the best Hollywood can […]

In a risky, risky move, IMP promotions released their full line-up for the Virgin Mobile Festival MUCH later than any of the other summer festivals, on Monday, April 28th. They announced their, some would say, lukewarm headliners something like a month ago, and really it just felt…bleh. Jack Johnson and Kanye were playing virtually every […]

For all of those who have never seen The Last Waltz, I will step upon my soapbox and preach. (From left to right, Dr. John, Neil Diamond, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Rick Danko, Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, Robbie Robertson) The Last Waltz was a concert performed by arguably the best set of popular musicians ever. […]

Earth Day came and went with a yawn this year despite the growing vogue of “going green.” Hapless efforts to present earth-saving education and literature have been roused, including hyped efforts of nationwide free concerts, but to little avail. People will do as much as they can to save the earth as long as it […]

Pitchfork Media launched and the MTV comparisons are abound and plentiful. The media notorious for thrashing everything thrown on it’s plate with verbosity and grace has opted for a medium with some volume. It is the next in the evolutionary process. But where MTV’s birth was rooted in promoting the most popular bands and […]